Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Our Vacation to Cabo and Disneyland

Picture from the formal dinner night
Our cruise left San Diego and headed for Cabo San Lucas
Our ship, the Carnival Spirit
Lovers Beach in Cabo San Lucas
We went parasailing over the Sea of Cortez!
Having fun in Cabo! We ate lunch at "The Office" with our feet in the sand and the beach right next to us!
After Cabo and Ensenada, our cruise ship headed back to San Diego and Mike and I headed for Disneyland and California Adventure! Can't wait to take Dallin there!

Mike, Dallin, and I all had the chance to watch Nitro Circus. They are an incredible dirtbike team that do amazing tricks and stunts. They started by skydiving in and kept the momentum going til the end of the show. So fun!

Strawberry Snack Attack

Mike opened the strawberries in the fridge a couple of weeks ago to find almost every strawberry had one or two bites taken out of each. The lid had been closed again. Not too much of a mystery when you have a 2 1/2 year old :0)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Red Carpet Here We Come!

On Friday, Mike and I got to attend the APX Red Carpet Event. Mike wore a tux, I wore a cute dress, and we had a blast! It started with dinner at The Roof, then an APX party at the Salt Lake Country Club. What a night!

Peanut Butter Thief

Mike was watching Dallin recently when Mike realized Dallin was being very quiet...the peanut butter was on the 3rd shelf, but that didn't stop Dallin :0)

Piano Man

Dallin playing the piano while Naomi and "Ama" sing :0)