Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Virginia Beach Summer 2012

I am determined to catch up on our blog! Starting where I left off...

The summer of 2012 we lived in Chesapeake, VA right next to Virginia Beach.  We loved it there!  So green and beautiful!!  Here are some highlights...

Dallin turned 4! 

 Gemma learned to crawl, cut most of her teeth and developed the cutest little personality!

 Dallin made a new friend, Ava, and they've been buddies ever since :)

We signed up Dallin for Sports Camp at the local YMCA and he loved it - 2 weeks of learning the basics of lots of different sports. 

 Dallin started swim lessons and we went to the pool at our apartments almost every day! Gemma loves the water too :)  It was good to wear them out each day!

And who could forget the beach!!!  We went to the beach every weekend, sometimes middle of the week too, there's nothing like living by the beach :)