Saturday, August 11, 2012

Sea Salt Caramel Chocolates... addicting...

When my parents came last week, my mom introduced me Sea Salt Caramel Chocolates.  We bought them at the beach...twice :)  We tried to make them, kind of successfully, by warming up store bought caramels and sprinkling them with sea salt and then dipping those in melted semi sweet chocolate chips.  We decided (1) let's do milk chocolate next time and (2) we need homemade caramels!  I found a delicious caramel recipe on (click here for recipe).

If sweet and salty is your thing and you don't want to spend mega bucks at the candy store, and you don't own a candy thermometer - this is a winner :)

While the caramels were still warm, I put pinches of sea salt all over it! After it cooled, I didn't have any tricks to cut cleanly through the caramels so I grabbed a washed soda lid and cut circles

With just a teaspoon or so of butter, I melted 5 Hershey bars for one minute.  Stopped to stir it at 30 seconds.

Then I just put each caramel on a fork, dipped it in my chocolate and set it on wax paper to harden.  Then I put a dash of sea salt on each chocolate for good measure and tastiness :)

easy and super delicious!

Now, to keep myself from eating ALL of them, that's the tough part.